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Beyond Image is a website which focuses on imaginative and creative wildlife art, with elements of fantasy and mythology.

The art is highly detailed. It is inspired, and influenced greatly, by eastern art disciplines and western art styles and techniques.

The result is fine art that is complex, creative and stimulating, for the eye and the mind.

The images created have a delicate and ethereal quality, with a stylised and effective use of composition. Luminous, atmospheric and highly decorative art is achieved, which could provide a focal point, 'within the living space'.

Sikh Art

My fascination with Sikh art of the Punjab, began when I was quite young. I had been intrigued by the richness of colour, and decoration, that adorned the figures in the foreground and the romantic landscapes and dreamy vista’s, that formed the background. I had this desire to paint the ‘Guru’ as I imagined them to be.

My series on Sikh art, has given me the opportunity to draw the guru’s in appropriate clothing, of that period of Indian history. I used period head dress and ornamentation, jewelery, weapons etc. I used elements of fantasy for the landscapes, cloud formations, flora and fauna.The combination of my passionate study into Mughal art, with my own creative discipline, to produce this series of Sikh art paintings, has been a perfect and beautiful synthesis.

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