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Bronze Winged Medusa

Medusa, meaning 'queen', was one of three beautiful daughters of Phorcys and Ceto, child..............

Pearls Of Wisdom

The main reason why i created this drawing was because i wanted to give my impression of............

Expulsion Of The Angels

I was inspired to create this work after having watched the recent biblical story of Noah, pla............

Lover, King, Killer Of Demons

The artwork is inspired by ancient Hindu mythologies. The central figure is the god Vishnu. In v.......

Neoproterozoic Era

700 million years ago the earth became a frozen planet. A theory that describes this awe...............

The Messiah Died

The son of God died for the sins of man, yet man has learned nothing. Millennia have passed..........

The Righteous The Atoned

The artwork is a follow up to the crucifixion drawing that i created previously. I wanted to create......

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Beyond Image is more than just one man’s exploration into a creative medium.

Beyond Image aims to create art pieces that are both thought provoking and awe inspiring.

Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

Beyond Image

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