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Expulsion Of The Angels

Drawing: Pencil and Graphite on Paper.

I was inspired to create this work after having watched the recent biblical story of Noah, played by Russell Crowe. In the film it describes that a group of angels who favoured Adam are abandoned by God. In the age of Noah they help him to build the ark and escape the great flood. The angels seek forgiveness for their abandonment, and the eternal and merciful God allows them back into heaven.

I was interested in trying to depict the moment when the angels are expelled from heaven by the wrath of God. The original composition was intended to be a landscape. The angels were going to be depicted falling out of the sky and landing on earth. I was not keen to show any great detail in the figures, but just outlines and contrast. I later decided that this composition would probably already have been created by an artist, so i moved away from the idea. I also felt that the original composition would lack drama and mood. I was looking to create a composition that would be a technical challenge and imaginative. I wanted to give a sense of dynamism, power, despair, and wrath.
The work that i have created demonstrates the moment when the angels are banished from heaven with such force that they are petrified with fear that God has left them alone and without hope. The despair is etched into the angels' faces. As they fall the angels are seen trying desperately to hold and comfort one another. 
The artwork created focuses on highly detailed imagery. particular emphasis is given to contrast and light. I have made the scene more dramatic further by the control of flight that the angels once had. The wing forms now are of no use to the angels.
The way to view the art is to start at the centre of the composition and look outwards. The idea being that the drama taking place is directly overhead with no horizon. The centre is meant to depict the area of the heavens where God has pushed aside the cloud forms and the angels leave his grace. The story is ultimately of hope, for God is eternal and merciful. The completed artwork took around eight weeks to create.
The art created is my homage to the master Italian artist Michelangelo Buonarroti. He is arguably the greatest 'modern classical' creator of the dynamic pose.

The artwork took five weeks to create. It was a difficult composition and quite unique. I worked full time, creating and recreating the structure of the composition. The price of the finished art is justified and reflected as an original work of art.

Premium quality graphite pencils and high quality paper is used to create this artwork. 
The artwork will be protected with archival paper and reinforced with card, front and back. Documentation of artwork authenticity is included. Bubble wrap will be used to protect the artwork. The artwork is then placed in a sturdy five panel flat box and ready to be shipped.



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Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

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