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The Demigod Heracles Overwhelms The Dreaded Hydra

Graphite on paper. 89 x 59 cm. 2018.

In ancient Greek mythology Zeus, the king of the gods, had to do battle with monstrous  beings called 'The Giants'. These creatures wanted to overthrow the gods and rule over the earth. Even with the help of all the gods, Zeus realised that he could not defeat the Giants. A prophecy told him that he needed to travel forward through time and search for a human named Heracles. Zeus was told that this human was his son from the future and therefore a 'demigod'. Heracles was the most powerful of the demigods, in the age of 'The Heroes'.

Zeus brought Heracles back through time and into the primordial world of giants and monsters. Heracles and the gods defeated their enemies, and peace was restored.

It was the destiny of Heracles to encounter the nine headed Hydra, a spawn of the Titan named Typhoeus. In Heracles' epic life, he was required to kill the Hydra as part of his 'Twelve Labours'. If Heracles could complete the labours he would become immortal. This, and gratitude for helping Zeus, was a promise made by the god Apollo.


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Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

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