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Vishnu On His Mode Of Flight Garuda

Graphite on paper. 50 x 65 cm. 2018.

Described by many ancient civilisations as 'The King Of Birds', Garuda is shown either as a zoomorphic form of celestial bird, or as an anthropomorphic man with wings and bird like features. Garuda is a protector of all things good. He is forever watchful of evil entities, and sworn enemy of the serpent 'naga' forms. In Hindu mythological epics he is so powerful that his gigantic wings can stop the spinning of Heaven, Earth and Hell.

In the Hindu pantheon of gods, Garuda is always associated with the god Vishnu, the preserver. Vishnu uses Garuda to travel across the heavens. The god Vishnu, as preserver of good and the destroyer of evil, appears in forms called 'Avatars'.

In my drawing i have paid particular attention to the textural form of Garuda, focus is on the wing forms and feathers. I have also shown the god Vishnu in full display, with heavenly light surrounding his presence.

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Your drawings are very powerful. I can see lots of exciting influences in there. Keep at it! Very best wishes, Lachlan

Lachlan Goudie, Artist & BBC Presenter

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